As Technology Changes, Would you?

The net is awash with articles discussing the rapidly changing pace of technology. As we look back on how technology impacted us a decade ago, we come across an extremely different picture compared to today. Rediscovering the reassurance of a much further 20 years ago, it appears to be almost unbelievable to find out how you will have advanced in this short time.

So, just how rapid will be the change? Without a doubt could be that the degree or rate of change is accelerating. This tells that major disruptive change that occurred over a ten-year period could now happen more than a five-year period, or even faster. This year Gartner predicted that Cloud Computing, Cloud/Web Platforms and the Media Tablet were 5 to 10 years clear of mainstream adoption. In three short years I’m sure we have been there. 3D Printing was positioned as being a greater than 10-year period till mainstream adoption, and we’re already seeing great strides and acceptance with this technology area.

The explanation for the acceleration in technology development is probably two fold. Firstly there exists a global IT industry that carries on broaden and diversify. Forbes places Tech jobs as among the highest growing sectors, fueled primarily by Big Data, Cloud Computing, along with a growing interest in molecular computing. Another powerful argument to the rapid change is consumer demand. Most effective and quickest hunger for faster, longer battery, lighter, more mobility, more features etc. is driving for most to manufacturers of both software and hardware to repeatedly innovate. Whilst long as these two market forces persist, a strategy to adhere to lock your seat belt and prepare for an incredible journey.

What can we need to anticipate? Gartner is positioning 3D Bio Printing, Human Augmentation, mobile robots, and quantum computing as being the 10-year vision. Now that we know, we will probably expect these transformational technologies quicker.

The question ought to your own self is, “How will you get ready for know-how changes that can impact your daily life?” One major decision you will need to make is, what is your consumer profile? Are you a beginning adopter, or would you like to wait around the sidelines to determine if a technology are going to be worth your efforts to take a position energy involved with it? You probably know this, technology change does require energy and relearning. From simple things like buying a new cell phone, to working the most recent Business Intelligence tools, you need to retrain the existing brain.

To me the simple answer is. Should you decide to remain the IT industry or would like to ensure that you take advantage of the most advanced technology, then you will want to really make the resolve for putting away time and energy to learn, and re-learn. You should don’t forget to forget that which you learnt 5yrs ago. That technology has progressed. That you should remain relevant on this market, you need to view knowing as being a depreciating asset. If you aren’t adding new skills and knowledge continuously, you can be elapsed, like last years cellular phone model in the outlet.

Try increase the risk for purchase of essentially the most valuable asset you own, yourself.

Go ahead, make your life.

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