Do Childcare Facilities Need Employment Practices Insurance?

You have a state-of-the-art child daycare built around a hot, as well as safe atmosphere. The teachers are handpicked professionals giving kids undivided attention, stimulation and fun learning. Children are happy. Staff is fulfilled. Parents are proud. What might go wrong?

Unfortunately, several thingsthat a general business liability insurance doesn’t cover.

Childcare Claim Examples that basically Occurred!

3rd party Liability: Following a Montessori School stated they could not admit a child on account of licensed limited capacity, the oldsters accused of bias. The mother and father insisted the school had a non-admission policy for Dark-colored children and mentioned the belief that the student body wouldn’t contain even one Charcoal. Defense and Settlement costs totaled: $67,000.

Internet / Email Liability: An administrative assistant for any childcare facility sent an email to everyone employees rather then her intended single recipient. The e-mail contained an awkward inappropriate joke. The center’s director instructed the staff member to deliver a subsequent apology email to everyone. Just Eight weeks later, an employee which was fired resulting from company downsizing, sued due to a hostile work place and cited the inappropriate email as evidence a setting that did not respect her religious principles. The power was discomfited and bored with possessing lawsuit revealed on the parents.

Retaliation: An Indian childcare employee objected to the racial insults directed at him by a few of his fellow workers. Therefore, the master assigned him to an alternative room high was less of a staff presence. The newest situation warranted less work-time and thus his hours were reduced. The slighted employee sued the childcare center for discrimination and retaliation for relating the discrimination. Defense and High closing costs totaled: $125,000.

Wage and Hour: A Non-Exempt head teacher was covertly tracking hours as she worked the overtime that was requested of her. Like a salaried worker, this teacher never mentioned any grievance with regards to the additional workload. If the owner was served a wage-and-hour lawsuit from the teacher, he was caught unexpectedly. However, there wasn’t any strategy to discern if your teacher’s calculations regarding her working hours were precise, the middle was guided by their lawyer to stay with the presented amount as an alternative to grab the chance of other present and past employees joining the lawsuit.

Employment Practices Insurance

Employee-related claims come at a steep price. Protect your childcare center from your lawsuit with the EPLI plan that’s tailored for your requirements.


An EPLI policy protects you against lawsuit claims created by current, past and possible employers, as well as visitors. It’s coverage to get a great deal of suits that stem from:

1. Wrongful termination

2. Discrimination

3. Sexual harassment

4. Service refusal

5. Other employee claims

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